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Welcome to my page, Stacey's Realm. I enjoy making new friends over the net. I am married with the man I really love! I have two kids (boys) and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I love my family dearly :-)

Bigs hugs, Stacey

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Greetings from Manchester

Hi folks, how are ya? Are you all still enjoying the Summer? Alas, it's been pouring the last days here in Manchester. I hope we'll get better weather in August.

I haven't been around for quite a while and the last 2 weeks I was very busy with my family and other stuff that's been going on, so I was only online to check my mails and nothing more, but here I am, trying to make it up. Well, I guess we are all quite busy at point in our lives.

I hope you have a great week until so far, have a great day :)

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Wishing you all a good night

I'm wayy to sleepy right now to stay awake. My baby didn't feel too well for 2 days and finally he is getting asleep, without waking up so much. It's quite tiring for us, but we are managing, praise God!

Anyway, I'm going to bed right now, and hope you all will be well rested tomorrow.

Sweet dreams xx

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Are women peer pressed by society?

I just watched a video about a make up tutorial. To be honest: I was shocked to see the girl without make up in the beginning, she looks totally different. Then I began thinking about myself, because I used to model in the past. I also have to admit that I look different without make-up. Without it I look like an everyday normal British girl.

Now I'm thinking: are we being peer pressed by society and media to look a specific way? From what I see in big cities, especially in England, is that so many women wear makeup in order to look pretty. Are we ashamed of ourselves and our natural looks?

Monday, 23 March 2015

I have a healthy newborn baby

I am a mom for the second time! The baby's name is Colin Joseph Callagher. 
Fortunately everything went fine, everyone is happy! Both his grandparents were here yesterday. I've got many presents from ex-colleagues, family and friends. I will be quite busy the coming months, but I will try taking the time to say hi once in a while.

Love you all.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Spring And The Fall

In the spring of the year, in the spring of the year,
I walked the road beside my dear.
The trees were black where the bark was wet.
I see them yet, in the spring of the year.
He broke me a bough of the blossoming peach
That was out of the way and hard to reach.

In the fall of the year, in the fall of the year,
I walked the road beside my dear.
The rooks went up with a raucous trill.
I hear them still, in the fall of the year.
He laughed at all I dared to praise,
And broke my heart, in little ways.

Year be springing or year be falling,
The bark will drip and the birds be calling.
There's much that's fine to see and hear
In the spring of a year, in the fall of a year.
'Tis not love's going hurt my days.
But that it went in little ways.

By Edna St. Vincent Millay